The use of hygiene wash cloths is a common sight within family homes and hospitals to help with hygiene. Usually it's used for baby care, but they are versatile enough that they can also be used for personal hygiene, beauty care and cleaning. They're simple, damp cloths that help give a good scrubbing where needed and are generally one use types of items that can be purchased from stores, although they can of course be bought in larger quantities by companies, hospitals and nursing homes. But hygiene wash cloths can come in more than one variant, for while they most commonly are tissues made from fibres there are also towels made from airlaid. Airlaid are a textile-like material made from fluff pulp and have very strong water absorption qualities, making them excellent as hygiene wash cloths.

Wide variety of brands

There's good reason for most people to buy them and various brands that make them, making it easy to find and acquire when needed. To be honest, more people should have them at home, especially during these times when hygiene is more important than ever to help prevent spread of diseases and viruses. They're not very expensive to get either so there's not really much excuse not to buy some to have at home if they're needed for one reason or another.  It helps you keep things clean and gives an easy, extra option for you to wipe off yourself and surfaces in general with something disposable like Finess Hygiene wash cloths rather than having to throw away your rag or sponge.​​